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  • MiniSKiiP

    Utilising the reliability of pressure contact technology, the MiniSKiiP IGBT and CIB Module are a rugged, high-integrated system including converter, inverter, brake (CIB) topologies for standard drive applications up to 37 kW motor power. Due to optimized current density, matched materials for high power cycling capability and pressure contact technology, the MiniSKiiP IGBT is a highly reliable, compact and cost effective power module. The MiniSKiiP range offers CIB and sixpack inverter topologies in four package sizes, from 8A-200A and 600V/1200V. Over 15 million MiniSKiiP IGBT Modules are currently in use in drives and frequency converters around the world.
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    The SEMITOP-family contains Thyristor / Diode Modules and IGBT Modules, CIB Modules and MOSFET Modules. It is the best alternative solution for all the applications where thermal management performance, high reliability, integration and costs are a must. Compact designs with rugged pin terminals for solder contact to PCB are available for a range of 10A-200A and 600V/1200V. The SEMITOP pressure technology and the single mounting screw guarantee a lower Rth(j-s) than TO packages and a mechanical stress free design which allow for a superior Power Cycle Capability with extremely high reliability.SEMITOP IGBT/MOSFET Modules are typically used for inverters, switching, switched mode power supplies, UPS, Double PFC and DC servo drives.
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    The SEMITRANS IGBT/ MOSFET Module technology is suited for a wide range of different applications such as switching, AC inverter drives, DC servo and robot drives, UPS, Electronic welders, switched reluctance motors, DC/DC converter, DC choppers, brake choppers, Matrix inverters, resonant inverters, welding inverters, DC motors, switched mode power supplies, inductive heating, public transport, plasma cutting and wind power. Modules are available in the range of 35-900A and 600V / 1200V / 1700V. The IGBT/MOSFET Module also features a low inductance package design, high isolation voltage and a wide variety of customer specific solutions and housing types.


    SEMIX is available as Thyristor / Diode Module, IGBT Module and Bridge Rectifier. The 17mm height allows for compact and flat design of the whole inverter unit and the spring contacts allows a solder-free connection to the control unit and a fast assembly in one direction from above.. The range of the SEMiX Thyristor/Diode modules is from 75A – 600A and 600V / 1200V / 1700V. SEMIX IGBT Modules are used in Input Bridge Rectifier for AC/DC motor control and are suitable for switching power supplies and current source inverters, UPS and electronic welding devices. The economical IGBT Module with great price performance ratio assures extensive quality through reliability tests.
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  • SKiM

    The highly reliable SKIM IGBT product line is made especially for automotive applications. The chips inside SKiM IGBT modules are sintered and therefore have high power cycling capability. The sinter joint is a thin silver layer whose thermal resistance is superior to solder and has an increased service life as compared to a soldered joint IGBT. This module is available in the range of 200-600A and 650V / 1200V / 1700V. The features mentioned above allow for a compact, flat and low-inductance inverter design. Direct driver assembly provides optimum IGBT controllability and eliminates noise on gate wires or loose connectors. Therefore, the SKiM IGBT module is designed as a highly reliable module that meets the demands of automotive applications in terms of shock and vibration stability, as well as high temperature capability and service life.
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