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Thyristor/Diode Modules

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    SEMIPACK products consist of thyristor, rectifier and fast diode modules. The SEMIKRON Thyristor / Diode modules have an overall market share of 27%. Due to various modifications made over the years, there is a complete family of highly reliable SEMIPACK Thyristor / Diode modules available which have a widest output current range from 15A up to 1200 A and voltage class from 400V to 2200V. SEMIPACK Thyristor / Diode modules are typically used in soft-starters for induction motors, line rectifier for transistorized AC motor controllers, DC motor control and field supply, temperature control, professional light dimming and UPS.
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    The SEMITOP-family consists of Thyristor / Diode Modules and IGBT / MOSFET-Modules. This family of modules presents the best alternative solution for all the applications where thermal management performance, high reliability, integration and costs are a must. The Thyristor / Diode Module has a compact design with rugged pin terminals for solder contact to PCB for a range of 18A-120A and 800V-1200V. The SEMITOP pressure technology and the single mounting screw guarantee lower Rth(j-s) than TO packages and a mechanical stress free design which allows forsuperior Power Cycle Capability with extremely high reliability. SEMITOP Thyristor / Diode Modules are typically used for soft starters, light control, Temperature control and UPS.
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    SEMIX is available as Thyristor/Diode Module, IGBT-Module and Bridge Rectifier. The 17mm height allows compact and flat design of the whole inverter unit and the spring contacts allow for a solder-free connection to the control unit and a fast assembly in one direction from the top. SEMiX Thyristor/Diode modules range from 140A – 300A and 1600V. SEMIX Thyristor/Diode Modules are used in Input Bridge Rectifier for AC/DC motor control and are suitable for switching power supplies.This economical Thyristor/Diode Module with great price-performance ratio guarantees extensive quality proven using reliability tests.
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    SEMiSTART, the anti-parallel Thyristor/ Diode Module is designed with an integrated heatsink for soft-start applications. The SEMiSTART Thyristor/ Diode Module is offered in 5 current classes, 2 voltages classes and 3 sizes. The main advantage of this power module is the high current capability in a new compact design. A 400 kW soft-starter featuring SEMiSTART has just one sixth of the volume of the same device with conventional capsule thyristors. In addition, due to pressure contact technology and double-sided chip cooling, these new Thyristor/ Diode Modules can withstand overload currents of up to 3000 A for a 20 s duration of overload.
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