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We only charge transportation costs once for every order, regardless of the number of deliveries requested.

For more information and exact costs that apply, please read: Delivery and Availability.

Delivery Status / Tracking

The current status of your order and it's tracking number can be retrieved and viewed anytime by going to your order history. You must however be logged in to use this feature.

You will find information concerning:

•  Delivery Status
•  Tracking

If you do not receive a shipping confirmation by your confirmed delivery date, please contact
Different Delivery Address

You have the possibility to give a different delivery address from your billing address while placing your order or by visiting your "My Account" page.

Incorrect Delivery Address

If you realize, after concluding your order, that the delivery address given is incorrect, please contact immediately.

Complete and Partial Delivery

At SEMIKRON, every customer may request a complete delivery under the condition that there are more than two positions in the shopping cart. Please tick the box “Complete delivery only” and then select your preferred delivery date.

Please read the section „Place an Order“
Return Shipments

Please note that we do not accept any claims or returns if you do not fill out the required official claims form. Please do not send any items to our offices, this only causes delays in the processing of your claim or return.

1. Return Shipments

Generally, we do not accept any commercial return shipments. Please contact We will then evaluate each individual case to determine whether or not we can accept the return.

2. Claims

We pride ourselves in providing quality products to all our customers. Should you have any trouble with any of our components, please follow the following steps to ensure smooth processing of your claim.

Products Damaged in Transit

Please list all the damages that may have occurred during transportation, on the delivery note before signing it. Then fill out the notice of complaint given below and send it to

Delivery of the wrong goods

Please fill out the notice of claims form given below and send it to
We will do our best to make sure you receive the correct products as soon as possible.

Technical Faults

Please fill out the notice of claims form given below and send it to
We will do our best to make sure you receive the correct products as soon as possible.

Claim registration form
Export Documents

We offer long-term supplier declaration for individual deliveries/invoices only. We currently offer long term suppliers declaration with preferential origin only for products made in Germany. If you require a long term supplier declaration without preferential origin please contact stating your order number. The order number is sent to you at the end of every online order.

Certificate of Origin
We also issue certificates of origin. Just send us your order number which you receive at the end of every online purchase using the following email address:

Please see our terms and conditions (section on billing and payment)
A certificate of origin can be obtained for the net amount of €50,00.

Please note that the certificate of origin must be requested alongside the order and cannot be issued at a later date.

Certificate of compliance/conformity
To receive a certificate of compliance, please contact and state the product description as well as the article number.

AL/ECCN (Export License Required)
If you would like to know whether or not you require an export license for a certain product please contact us at and give us the product description as well as the product number.

RoHS Compliance (lead free)
All our products comply with RoHS



Calculation of Delivery Times

How do we calculate delivery times?

Our data regarding the availability of products is based on our inventory control system which we update on a regular basis. We strive to keep the display of items available up-to-date. These delivery times however may be affected by prior sales.

For details on our delivery times please visit: Shipping and Availability Information

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